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Two To Conquer was first published in 1980. Marion Zimmer Bradley's note from the author states that the events of this novel "take place toward the end of the Ages of Chaos, during what was later known as the Time of the Hundred Kingdoms; about two hundred years, more or less, after Allart Elhalyn reigned at Hali and Thendara, as told in Stormqueen![1]

Brief Summary: Many men had the dream of uniting the fractured lands in the time of the Hundred Kingdoms.  One was Bard di Asturien, called the Kilghard Wolf.  Another was Varzil Ridenow, later called the Good.  Each seeks this goal through highly unusual means.

The Book[]

What makes this novel unique[]

Major Characters[]

  • Bard di Asturien - nedestro nephew to King Ardrin
  • Varzil Ridenow - Keeper of Neskaya Tower.
  • Ardrin di Asturien - King of Asturias
  • Paul Harrell - an off-worlder
  • Geremy Hastur - youngest son of Istvan Hastur, a foster-brother of Bard and Beltran
  • Beltran di Asturien - only son of King Ardrin
  • Carlina di Asturien - daughter of King Ardrin
  • Gareth MacAran - a laranzu in Asturias's army
  • Rafael di Asturien - younger brother of Ardrin, father to Bard
  • Melora MacAran - a leronis in the army, niece of Gareth

Minor Characters[]



Castle Asturias -


Inconsistencies & Other Odd Bits[]


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