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Thyra Scott is the older half sister to Marjorie Scott .  She is a red-haired, red-lipped, golden eyed[1] woman who has alot of laran but is undisciplined.  Lew Alton thought her to be slight, sharp featured and looked alittle like Kermiac Aldaran , who is believed to be her father, her mother being Felicia Darriell .

She is from Aldaran and participated in the summoning of Sharra.  Thyra is an extremely powerful telepath but wild and undisciplined in her training.  Lew described her mental presence as a savage animal, dark, sinuous, musky and on the prowl.

She is the mother of Marguerida Alton withLew Alton, even though she was freemates with Robert Raymon Kadarin.

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