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Thunderlord is a sequel to Stormqueen!.

A generation after a time period known in the Darkover universe as The Ages of Chaos a character by the name Gwynn has lost his family in the conflict. His life's ambition has become plotting revenge against his family's loss. He seeks to marry a woman with the genetic power to control the storms, in hopes that his off-springs will use it to against Aldaran.

Kyria of Rockraven is his selected wife. During her journey through the mountains to Scathfell, she and her sister come across Edric, a young heir to Aldaran who doesn't reveal his identity right away, though. Edric also possesses the power to control thunderstorms, a power he has been warned to be cautious with because of the mass danger it poses to all.

Their companionship brings them closer and creates an opportunity for their arch-rival kingdoms to unite.