Darkover Wiki

Threshold sickness occurs when a persons laran emerges, usually when a telepath reaches puberty.  Laran energy or energons travel through the body on the same channels that sexual energy run through, hence when puberty and laran awaken they saturate the channels.  This overloading of channels causes illness of varying degrees, usually the worse the threshold sickness the stronger the laran, though there are a few who show almost no symtoms and emerge with strong laran.

At the onset of threshold sickness a telepath will experience some or all of these symtoms:

  • headaches and throbbing head pain
  • hallucinations
  • uncontrollable flashes of precognition, or the future or the past
  • traveling to overworld

Channel saturation is a dangerous situation, even for a fully trained telepath, sexual and laran energy can stimulate each other and overload or kill the telepath.  A telepath in the throws of threshold sickness must be watched and monitored telepathically.