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The Book[]

What makes this novel unique[]

Major Characters[]

  • Jaelle n’ha Melora - Daughter of Melora Aillard & Jalak of Shainsa; Oathmother to Margali n’ha Ysabet (Magda Lorne); Heir to Aillard Domain;
  • Magda Lorne - also known as Margali n’ha Ysabet : Terran daughter of Elizabeth & David Lorne; Ex-wife of Peter Haldane; Intelligence agent for the Empire.
  • Rohana Ardais - Laran equipped; best friend of Lady Melora Aillard (Aillard); wife of Gabriel Ardais (Ardais)
  • Melora Aillard - Mother of Jaelle; prisoner-wife of Dry-Towner Jalak; died in birth of son Valentine Aillard
  • Camilla n’ha Kyria - Renunciate; Enmasca; daughter of Lorill Hastur; lover of Margali
  • Peter Haldane - Terran Intelligence Agent; ex of Margali;
  • Wade Montray - son of Russell Montray; lover of Margali

Minor Characters[]




The first part of the book tells about how Rohana Ardais gets a group of Renuncates or Free Amazons to rescue her old friend Melora who years before was captured by a Dry Town bandit chief. Melora contacted Rohana who she spent time in a Darkover tower learning to use laran which includes telephaty. Melora has a daughter and in the Dry towns women are kept chained up starting at age 12. Melora who is in the last stage of pregnancy. The Free Amazons succed in getting Melora away but she dies just after she has a son. Meloras daughter Jaelle ends up wanting to become a Free Amazon. Twelve years later the story starts that Magda Lorne a Terran finds up that her former husband Peter Haldane looks very much like Rohana sons Kyril,a bandit chief thinks he has Kyril but really has Peter Haldane. Magda with help from Rohana disguise herself as a Free Amazon to rescue Peter. But she runs into a real group of Amazons led by Jaelle nha Melora who was once resucued by Rohana and the Free Amazons. According to Free Amazons rules a female who tries to act like a Free Amazon must become one. Magda becomes Magda nha Ysabet. Jaelle ends up being injured by an attack of bandits . Jaelle ends up helping Magda to rescue Peter from bandits at Sain Scarp. When they end up at Rohanas they realize that Kyril has the Darkover people six fingers on his hands but Terranan Peter does not.

Inconsistencies & Other Odd Bits[]