The first Darkover novel ever published!

Brief Summary: A deadly disease threatens both Terran and Darkovan alike and only a man of two worlds and two radically different personalities can help avoid a catastrophe.

The BookEdit

What makes this novel uniqueEdit

  • The Planet Savers by Marion Zimmer Bradley was the first Darkover novel to be published, in 1962 by Ace Books in concert with The Sword of Aldones. It is only first because it was previously published in the magazine Amazing Stories, Volume 32, Number 11 (November 1958).[1] Even then, the Planet Savers published in Amazing was not the full novel, but rather a digest that covered only 63 pages (including artwork!). In novel form, the two were published simultaneously (and Sword of Aldones was written first)!
  • This novel is by far the shortest of the Darkover novels, which reflects it's early writing and what passed as novel length at the time. Indeed, the short story (novella?) Everything But Freedom at 90 pages[2] is only 1 page shorter and undoubtedly longer in wordcount.
  • Darkover itself is different. It is far warmer. Indeed the only time snow is mentioned in The Planet Savers is during the final traverse of 22,000 ft. Dammerung Pass!

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Inconsistencies & Other Interesting BitsEdit

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley's original title for the novel was Project Jason.[3]

Translations Edit

  • French: Project Jason (translation by Simone Hilling) published by Pocket in 1990.[4]

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