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The Horse-Tamer's Daughter is a filksong by Leslie Fish (copyright 1983). It was the title song of the filksong collection The Horse-Tamer's Daughter, which was edited by Teri Lee and published by Off Centaur Publications in 1984.[1] It is based on the novella "Tower of Horses", which is set in the world of the Darkover series created by Marion Zimmerman Bradley.[2] The novella is published as part of a Darkover anthology “Music of Darkover” (Darkover Anthology Book 13).[3]

"The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" won a Ohio Valley Filk Fest Pegasus Award in 2002, in the category Best Song That Tells A Story; in 1999, it had been nominated for Best Hero Song.[4] It is also the title track of the 2013 Julia Ecklar album "Horsetamer".

David Weingart's 1994 filksong Filk Up Your Voices includes the lines

But we're tired of lugging lyrics and we're tired of some songs
And so we scream "Horsetamer's Daughter" is a hundred times too long

Heather Stern wrote that the tune of "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" "is good but the original lyrics were ... unpopular. 22 verses and not quite canon attitude towards Darkover."[5] She created an autobiographical filksong The Programmer's Daughter to the tune.

Damien Sullivan wrote a parody extension of "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter", linked to from Damien Sullivan's filk page.


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