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The Bloody Sun was first published in 1964, and was the third Darkover novel to be published.


  • Jeff Kerwin, Jr., born on Darkover, raised on Terra, red hair, grey eyes, between the ages of 27-30 during this time, full Ridenow Gift of empathy, psychokinesis
  • Kennard Alton, son to Valdir Alton, Lord of Armida, serves as 3rd in Arilinn Tower, heavyset, burly man, tall and strongly built, red hair dashed with long grey streaks, close cut greying beard, grey eyes, possess the full Alton Gift
  • Taniquel, slight, slim girl, red gold curls, full empath, Monitor to Arilinn Tower
  • Auster, unknown twin to Ragan, slight, tall, fair skinned, thick red gold hair, feline features
  • Ragan, unknown twin to Auster, small, slight, lithe sunburned look, callused hands
  • Elorie Ardais, or Lori, pale red hair almost golden, small, slender, round childish face and grey eyes, Keeper at Arilinn Tower
  • Mesyr Aillard, a middle aged, gingery red head salted with gray, thick compact body, humorous and intellegent face, once served as a technician at Arilinn but now that her son Corus is in the circle she takes care of the Tower house keeping
  • Corus Ridenow, son of Mesyr Aillard, a long limbed teen, with the Ridenow Gift and psychokinesis
  • Rannirl, Technician at Arilinn, tall and thin, competent looking, shadow of a red beard, callused muscular hands, about Jeff Kerwin's age
  • Neyrissa Ardais, or "Rissa", middle aged, rusty-brown hair with red glints, tall, angular, plain looking, Ridenow Gift and the ability to rapport with hawks, said she had a daughter by Rannirl who was being fostered by her sister
  • Leonie Hastur, ancient and powerful Keeper of Arilinn, dies at the beginning of the book, survived by her twin brother Lorill Hastur
  • Janine Leynier of Storn, apprentice to Leonie at Arilinn
  • Lorill Hastur, twin brother to Leonie Hastur, Regent to King Stefan Hastur-Elhayn
  • Stefan Hastur-Elhalyn, King of the Domains of Darkover
  • Damon Ridenow, once a Mechanic at Arilinn Tower, trained with Leonie Hastur, loved her, founded the Forbidden Tower, had many sons and daughters
  • Valdir Alton, Lord of Armida, possess full Alton Gift
  • Ellemir
  • Dorilys Aillard, better known as Cleindori the Golden Bell, became Keeper in Arilinn Tower and tried to change the ways of Keeper training
  • Lori, wife to Valdir Alton
  • Lewis-Arnad
  • Callista Lindir  novice-keeper of Neskaya Tower
  • Cassilde, Dorilys half-sister, daughter of Callista
  • Jeff Kerwin Sr., Terran, dark hair, dark animal eyes


  • French: Soleil sanglant (translation by Simone Hilling) published by Pocket in 1989.[1]


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