Darkover Wiki

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is the ability to move or manipulate objects without physically touching them.

Without a matrix one's laran may only move a feather or a pencil, with a matrix even those with limited telepathic gifts or mild empathy can learn to use a matrix for telekinetic manipulation.  A trained telepath can turn the blades of a helicopter fast enough for it to take off, with a larger matrix and a circle it is possible to literally move moutains.

One of the simplest things a beginner learns is to control fire, to increase or decrease the flame.  Fire is one of the easiest elements to invoke but full control requires a refined touch.  It is also possible to create light in the form of a glowing ball, by exciting a region of air molecules they will produce light.

All things depend on control, one can move larger object, like inverting the flow of a waterfall, or open the petals of a flower.  By gathering clouds one can cause them to induce rainfall, a useful skill for forest fires.  It can even be used on the molecular level, as was done on the genetic level during the Ages of Chaos to manipulate laran potential.

During the Ages of Chaos teleportation through the relays was also possible.

Those who possess psychokinesis make for good mechanics in tower circles.