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Stormqueen! was originally published in 1978 and republished in 2002 as part of the Ages of Chaos omnibus.


During the lawless Ages of Chaos, when the ruling families of Darkover ruthlessly inbred their laran-gifted offspring to gain powerful talents, a baby was born to the lord of Aldaran. This child, born on a dark and thunder-filled night­­­­, was possessed of a terrifying and uncontrolled talent: Dorilys, heiress to her father’s domain, could unwittingly call forth lightning, even while still a fretful child. Fearful for his daughter’s life and the safety of his domain, Lord Aldaran sent to a tower for help. But even the powers of a trained monitor and a Hastur lord might not be enough to save this painfully afflicted and deadly young woman. 

The Book[]

Major Characters[]

  • Donal Delleray (aka Donal of Rockraven): Son of Aliciane of Rockraven; foster son of Mikhail Aldaran; husband of Dorilys Aldaran and Regent of Aldaran.
  • Mikhail Aldaran: Lord of Aldaran; father of Dorilys Aldaran
  • Dorilys Aldaran: Daughter and heir of Mikhail Aldaran and Aliciane of Rockraven; wife of Donal Delleray.
  • Allart Hastur of Elhalyn: Heir to the throne, later became King; husband of Cassandra Aillard.
  • Renata Leynier: Monitor at Hali tower; lover of Donal Delleray; third wife of Mikhail Aldaran; mother of heir to Aldaran.

Important Characters[]

  • Aliciane of Rockraven: barragana of Mikhail Aldaran; mother of Donal Delleray and Dorilys Aldaran.
  • Cassandra Aillard: Future Queen; wife of Allart Hastur; Monitor at Hali Tower
  • Rakhal Aldaran of Scathfell: younger brother of Mikhail; Lord of Scathfell
  • Stephen Hastur: Younger brother of King Regis II; father of Damon-Rafael and Allart Hastur
  • Damon-Rafael Hastur: Oldest son of Stephen Hastur, and heir to the throne; brother of Allart Hastur; husband of Cassilde Aillard
  • Coryn Hastur: Keeper of Hali Tower; cousin of Allart Hastur

Other Characters[]

  • Lade Deonara: Lady of Aldaran, second wife of Mikhail Aldaran.
  • Margali: household leronis of Aldaran; foster-mother of Dorilys upon Deonara's death
  • Mayra: Lady Deonara's robing-woman; cursed Aldaran and his line
  • Lady Elisa: music mistress of Dorilys
  • Kyril: ranger at a fire station of Aldaran
  • Kathya: old woman at Aldaran
  • Cassilde Aillard: wife of Damon-Rafael Hastur
  • Prince Felix: Son of King Regis II; heir to the throne; emmasca
  • King Regis II: Older half-brother of Stephen Hastur
  • Karinn: laranzu at Syrtis
  • Marius Syrtis: Lord of Syrtis
  • Father Master: Allart's Master at Nevarsin
  • Lella, Rella, Ria, Tia: riyachia's in the Syrtis House
  • Arzi and Rosaura: workers at Tramontana Tower
  • Ian-Mikhail of Storn: Keeper of Tramontana Tower
  • Mira, Barak, Arielle: Workers in Coryn's circle at Hali Tower