Starstone was a Darkover fanzine edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Its first issue was January 1978.[1] Subsequent issues were published in June and December of 1978, then in 1980 (issue 4) and 1982 (issue 5).[2]

The first issue was 69 pages with card covers. It included the short story A Meeting in the Hyades by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the poem Darkovan Exile by Diana L. Paxson, and a ""Fragment from THE SPELL SWORD" by Paul Edwin Zimmer, MZB's brother"[3]

Issue 4 was 97 pages, also with card covers. The front cover illustration is by Windling, the back by Fiona Zimmer.[4]

Issue 5 (March 1982) was 58 pages.[5]

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