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Brief Summary: Lew Alton returns to Darkover, bringing the Sharra Matrix with him. Sharra is raised again and only the revealing of the Hastur Gift in it's full measure can control the daemon.

The Book[]

What makes this novel unique[]

Major Characters[]

  • Lew Alton - Heir to the Alton Domain
  • Regis Hastur - Heir to the Hastur Domain
  • Danilo Syrtis - Paxman to Regis Hastur; nedestro Heir to the Ardais Domain
  • Diotima Ridenow - Young woman of the Ridenow family
  • Robert Raymond Kadarin - main instigator of Sharra Rebellion
  • Thyra Darriell - Kadarin's wife, a wild, self-taught telepath.
  • Beltran Aldaran - Lord Aldaran, Lew's cousin, also a part of the Sharra Rebellion.
  • Dyan Ardais - Lord Ardais, despises Terrans.
  • Derik Elhalyn - Prince Derik, Heir to the Elhalyn Domain
  • Callina Aillard - under-keeper of Comyn Tower.  Lady Aillard
  • Linnel Lindir-Aillard - Callina's sister, financee of Prince Derik.
  • Jeff Kerwin, Jr. - laranzu of Arilinn Tower, his given name is Damon Lanart-Alton
  • Ashara - incredibly old, almost legendary Keeper of Comyn Tower
  • Kathie Marshall - Terranan nurse from Vainwal. Took care of Dio Ridenow there. Cherilly twin of Linnel Linder-Aillard.

Minor Characters[]

  • Kennard Alton - Lord Alton, Lew's father
  • Marius Montray-Lanart - Lew's younger brother
  • Rafe Scott - a friend of Marius's; Marjorie Scott's brother, involved in the Sharra Rebellion
  • Erril - Regis's man servant
  • Lerrys Ridenow - Dio's brother, a friend of Marius and Rafe
  • Danvan Hastur - Lord Hastur, Regent to Prince Derik, Regi's grandfather
  • Andres - longtime Alton coridom, originally Terran




Inconsistencies & Other Odd Bits[]