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Rommilly MacAran is main heroine of chronologically third of book of Darkover series, created by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


Romilly is a 15 year old girl who is the most gifted child of clan MacAran, at the end of The Ages of Chaos. She loves to train animals, especially big birds like hawks and horses. After not being permitted to do so and being pressured by her parents to marry Dom Garris of Scathfell, due to constraints of male dominated society, she runs away from home and on her journey she meets future king Carolin Hastur, in exile traveling with his companion Orain Castamir on way to the Neskaya. She accompanies him and on the way she becomes his hawker. However, she does not travel under her true name, she travels disguised as a boy.

She pulled it the turmoil of laran fought war and when her favorite trained animals die one after another, she loses herself in her laran, wandering about countryside. Later she recovers and becames the official kings hawker.