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Riyachiyas are a type of laran-engineered semi-human servant bred during the Ages of Chaos.


Their main purpose was sexual though they also had other entertainment skills such as singing, dancing, and playing instruments such as the rryl. They were matrix-spelled "to draw and bind". Described as "inhumanly beautiful, lust-inspiring creatures". They didn't talk much though they were capable of speech.

They were used as sexual surrogates when a Lord's wife was pregnant to avoid the risk of miscarriage and the emotoinal complications of an affair. They were also used for general sexual entertainment/hospitality functions.

Creation and physical characteristics[]

Riyachiayas (and their male variant, ri'chiyus) were born in cralmac wombs, using human eggs and sperm. They came in both light and dark-haired varieties. They were always born in pairs, and were sterile. They could be modified to be almost without response to pain.