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The Ridenow clan are one of the seven ruling families of Darkover and serve on the Comyn Council.

The Ridenow colors are green and gold.

The ruling seat of the Ridenow domain is Serrais Castle.

This clan was formed through DryTowners (men) marrying into the matrilineare Domain of Aillard during the ages of chaos when the Aillard line nearly died out due to the high percentage of emmasca born members and infertility of the men of this clan because of the laran breeding program.

Therefore they were at first rejected as upstarts by the the other clans and there was war between the Ridenows and the Hastur King until Allart Hastur made a lasting peace with them.

Because of the Ridenow Gift of Hyperempathy they can communicate even with non-human beings like the native intelligent races of darkover and even livestock. This is connected through the bloodlines to the Aillard Gift and is based on the high amount of Chieri blood in this line.