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The Book[]

What makes this novel unique[]

Major Characters[]

  • Elizabeth Mackintosh Terran song lover ,also is a weather expert.-
  • Ysaye Barnett -Terran computer expert
  • David Lorne -Elizabeths boyfriend language expert
  • Lorill Hastur -Leonies twin and visitor to Aldaran castle
  • Leonie Hastur -New student in use of laran at Daleruth and later Arilinn.
  • Kermiac Aldaran - head of Aldaran
  • Robert Raymond Kadarin
  • Enoch Gibbons Captain of the starship Minnesota.
  • Ryan Evans Terran tries to exploit Kireseth flowers
  • Ralph MacAran

Minor Characters[]

  • Margali Aldaran
  • Felicia Darriel
  • Mariel Aldaran
  • Thyra Darriel
  • Melissa di Asurien
  • Derek
  • Fiora
  • Carlina
  • Rohanna Aillard
  • Melora Aillard
  • Marlie Hastur
  • Ysabet
  • Marisa
  • Matt Britton Doctor on the starship
  • Aurora Lakshman Doctor on the starship
  • Darwin Mettier
  • John Haldane Terran visitor
  • Tandy
  • Jessica Duval
  • Grant Kelly makes announcement to bandits.




This is the story of a Terranan exploration ship finding Cottman 4, Darkover. It alternates between the Terranans and Leonie Hastur who is a new student at Daleruth Tower. Elizabeth McIntosh is one of the Terrans in the ship,Ysaye is the computer genius on the ship. Leonie ends up visiting the Overworld and finding out about the Terrans who end up landing a shuttlecraft in the Alardaran domain. They get rescued from the latest blizzard by Leonie telling her keeper at Daleruth . When the new Terran people get to Aldaran castle Elizabeth ends up being able to communicate telepathic with the Darkovans. The head blind members of her group consider it odd and don't believe her. When some comes to entertain them she recognizes the song . Elizabeth realizes that the residents of Darkover came from a lost ship, that is of Northern European stock since they consider Ysaye and other dark skinned members as strange since the Darkover residents are white. Elizabeth ends up marrying her boyfriend David Lorne. Hes a language expert and shes does songs and meterology.Leonie gets her twin brother Lorrill to visit Aldaran Castle but gets in trouble because he doesn't realize that hes not used to Aldaran having different ways of treating their women and gets in trouble with Kermiac about how he treats his daughter Felicia. Lorril ends up being sent to Daleruth so they move Leonie to Airllin tower.Kermiac ends up finaly believing the Terrans are from a long place away and offers to let the Terrans build a spaceport.The Terrans pay Kermiac with the metal from the damaged small ship. Cptain Gibbons of the Terrans puts in the planet as Restricted..Lorril gets the Comyn council to leave the newcomers alone since Darkover has lots of trouble with the fact that their resin forests suffer from dangerous wildfires easily and in rescuing David and Elizabeth from bandits the Terrans cause a bad fire.

Inconsistencies & Other Odd Bits[]