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Lewis-Kennard Lanart-Montray Alton y Aldaran is father of Marguerida Alton by Thyra Darriell and grandfather of Domenic Hastur.

Due to his mixed heritage, half-Darkovan and half-Terran, Lew underwent many trials and has lived a hard life. As a Comyn, he served in the Cadets, first as a recruit, then as an officer. Being born with laran, he also spent some time at the Arilinn Tower for training and education.

Lew assisted in rising the Sharra Matrix, willingly and unwillingly, and because of the Sharra ordeal, wore facial scars and lost one hand. Due to an exposure to radiations, he was unable to produce any viable offspring after Marguerida.

Lew Alton served as Darkover Senator in the Imperial Senate. When he retired after 20 years of service, the position was passed down to Herm Aldaran. Lew returned to Darkover when his wife, Diotima Ridenow, became ill, soon after the return of his daughter.