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Leroni of Darkover is an anthology of short stories edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and published by DAW Books in November 1991.


  • Introduction by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Building by Lynn Michals
  • The Ferment by Janet Rhodes
  • Wings by Diana Gill
  • The Rebels by Deborah J. Mays
  • A Dance for Darkover by Diana Perry & Vera Nazarian
  • There is Always Someone by Jacquie Groom
  • Reunion by Lawrence Schimel
  • A Way Through the Fog by Patricia Cirone
  • The Gods' Gift by Mary K. Frey
  • The Speaking Touch by Margaret Carter
  • The Bargain by Chel Avery
  • The Witch of the Kilghard Hills by Aimee Kratts
  • The Gift by Lynne Armstrong-Jones
  • Invitation to Chaos by Joan Marie Verba
  • The Keeper's Peace by Patricia Duffy Novak
  • Food for the Worms by Roxana Pierson
  • Childish Pranks by Diann Partridge
  • Cherilly's Law by Janni Lee Simner
  • Avarra's Children by Dorothy J. Heydt
  • The Tower at New Skye by Priscilla W. Armstrong
  • Homecoming by Lana Young
  • A Meeting of Minds by Elisabeth Waters