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Jefferson Andrew Kerwin Jr. is actually Damon Aillard-Alton, the son of Dorilys "Cleindori" Aillard and Lewis-Arnad Lanart-Alton from the Forbidden Tower.  Due to the death of his parents he was thought to be the son of Terran Jefferson Andrew Kerwin since he was placed in the Spaceman's Orphanage under that name.  His true given name is Damon Aillard-Alton (The Bloody Sun ).

After being in the John Reade Spaceman's Orphanage for awhile he was sent to Earth to will with Jefferson Kerwin Sr.'s parents.  Jeff was never comfortable with them, he felt like they hated him because their son had died on some distant planet and then he left them with a child who they never met from a woman of another planet.  He ended up joining the Terran space force and left Earth.

Eventually Jeff put in a transfer to Darkover to see the planet of his birth and learn more about his past.  Jeff ran into many roadblocks, his past had been wiped or classified in the computers.  Wandering around and getting lost in Trade City Jeff ran into some Darkovans strangers who mistook him for someone else.  After that unusual meeting and asking too many questions about his past Jeff was detained to his quarters but escaped.  A voice in his head helped him navigate out of Terran headquarters and meet up with the same strangers again.

They convinced him that he belonged on Darkover and that they could help him and in turn they needed his help.  Jeff was brought to Arillinn Tower and expained to about Darkovers telepathic caste and the Towers.  He was tested and admitted into the Tower to help make a complete working circle, the only one with a Keeper at the time.  His kinsman Kennard Alton helps train him in laran and in the ways of Darkover.

It turns out his "escape" was all planned by the Terran forces to sow mistrust, they were planning on disrupting Arillin's effort at mineral mining and prove the Pan-Darkovan party correct, that the Towers were obsolete and that major trade with the Terrans was needed.  The plot was discovered and stopped by Jeff and Elorie Ardias, they stopped the spy, and saved the circle from being hurt.

Jeff married Elorie "Lori" Ardais who was Keeper at the time he returned to Darkover and discovered his roots.  He also went on to become Keeper of Arilinn himself years later.

It is unknown who the mother is but he apprears to have had three daughters but all died (Exile's Song ). Jeff Kerwin was confused with Auster, Auster turned out to be the Terran and Jeff was Damon.