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Brief Summary: Hawkmistress! is chronologically set as fifth book of Darkover series created by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The time setting of Hawkmistress! is to the end of Ages of Chaos, before Comyn gained their dominance on Darkover, to the time of laran wars.

It is telling story of Romilly MacAran, daughter of, and most gifted child of clan of Mac Arans. Romilly strugles against constraints of male dominated society, where woman can be either leronis or wife, giving birth to and minding children.

Romilly loves training of horses and big birds like hawks, but her father takes on new wife, she´s not permited to do that any longer. So she runs away from home and on her journey she meets new companions and befriends them.

The Book[]

What makes this novel unique[]

Major Characters[]

  • Romilly MacAran - runs away from home disguised as a boy to avoid an arranged marriage
  • Dom Carlo - of Blue Lake.  Exiled king of the Hasturs of Hali
  • Orain - paxman to Dom Carlo
  • Mikhail MacAran - Romilly's father
  • Ruyven MacAran - Romilly's eldest brother
  • Darren MacAran - Romilly's elder brother, head-blind
  • Alderic Castamir - a friend of Darren's
  • Lyondri Hastur - cheif councillor to Rakhal Hastur of Elhalyn
  • Caryl Hastur - son of Lyondri
  • Lady Jandria - cousin to Orain, belongs to the Sisterhood of the Sword
  • Maura Elhalyn - cousin to Rakhal, monitor at Tramontana Tower
  • Ranald Ridenow - a cousin to Maura

Minor Characters[]

  • Luciella MacAran - second wife of Mikhail MacAran, Romilly's step-mother
  • Mallina MacAran - Romilly's younger sister
  • Davin Hawkmaster - Distant cousin of Dom Mikhail and Mikhail's father (hawkmaster to King Carolin)
  • Garris Alderan - Heir to Aldaran
  • Gareth Aldaran - father of Garris
  • Rakhal Hastur - usurper of crown of the Hasturs, he is never in the book, merely refered to




Inconsistencies & Other Odd Bits[]