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Four Moons of Darkover is an anthology by Marion Zimmer Bradley and The Friends of Darkover, published by Daw Books in November 1988, as a paperback (ISBN 0886773059) with cover art and border design by Richard Hescox.[1]


  • Introduction by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • The Jackal by Vera Nazarian
  • Death's Scepter by Joan Marie Verba
  • A King's Ransom by Kay Morgan Douglas
  • Man of Impulse by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Swarm Song by Roxana Pierson
  • Out of Ashes by Pat Cirone
  • My Father's Son by Meg Mac Donald
  • House Rules by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • To Challenge Fate by Sandra Morrese
  • The Devourer Within by Margaret L. Carter
  • Sin Catenas by Elisabeth Waters
  • Circles by G.R. Sixbury
  • Festival Night by Dorothy J. Heydt
  • A Laughing Matter by Rachel R. Walker
  • Mourning by Audrey J. Fulton
  • The Death of Brendon Ensolare by Deborah Wheeler
  • Sort of Chaos by Millea Kenin


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