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Fiora whose family is not mentioned was a woman of about thirty, Guardian of Arilinn trained by Janine Leynier and was blind.

She was the master of Dyan Ardais, and at his insistence, when Rian Ardais

came to him to solve serious problems with his father, she made Dyan take the oath of monitor that he would never use laran to invade someone's mind, knowing that most likely he would have to do this to his father who was in a high degree of madness. Dyan needed to invade his father's mind, and because of this he was expelled from training at Arilinn and could not become laranzu despite his great ability. Later Fiora regretted having taken him under oath, but nothing more could be done and only kept secret the reason for Dyan's expulsion.

Not to be confused with Fiora of Dalereuth who lived decades before and was also blind.