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Darkover, compared to it's moons and sun

Darkover is the focus planet of the Darkover series of science fiction-fantasy novels and short stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley[1] and others published since 1958. According to the novels, Darkover is the only human-habitable of seven planets orbiting a fictional red giant star called Cottman. The word "Darkover" is a registered trademark owned by the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust.


The planet is dominated by polar icecaps and glaciers that cover most of its surface. The habitable area, just a few degrees north of the equator, joins the northern polar icecap on its northern and eastern side. Glaciers and impassible mountains (The Wall Around the World) prevent travel outside of the habitable lands. Darkover's nominally temperate continental zone, which borders the open water of the planet's ocean, is nevertheless subject to severe winter weather, and a warm day in summer is rare.

The temperate portion of the continent is dominated by evergreen forests that grow in the mountain foothills. These trees contain a flammable resin which contributes to frequent forest fires during the warmer months. Further, southwest from the forests are Darkover's highlands, plains, salt marshes and arable river valleys. On the continent's far western side is another mountain range called "The Hellers" and a high elevation cold desert plateau called "The Dry Towns".