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As a young boy Danilo Syrtis-Ardais discovered he possessed laran, he was a rare catalyst telepath.  Because of this he was kidnapped to be used in the Sharra Matrix rising.

Danilo served in the cadets with Regis Hastur and unknowingly awaked Regis's laran.  They became close friends and Danilo swore to be Regis's paxman and served him till his death in that capacity.  The Syrtis family served the Hasturs for many generations, Danilo's grandfather, Dom Felix Syrtis, was the hawkmaster at Comyn Castle in Thendara and Danilo's father, Raphael Syrtis, served and died protecting Regis's father.

Danilo also was the appointed Regent of Ardais by Dyan Ardais.

After Regis's death, Danilo starts helping Mikhal Hastur and Domenic Alton-Hastur ruling Darkover and looks for unknown people with laran.