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Cristoforo is a religion on Darkover. It is monotheistic and somewhat similar in structure to hierarchical denominations of Christianity such as the Catholic or Episcopalian (Anglican) chuches, as opposed to the polytheistic faith of the majority of the Comyn. The main monastery is located in Nevarsin in the Hellers.

The faith was founded by Father Valentine Neville of the Order of St. Christoper of Centaurus.

The monks practice a number of austerities such as poverty, chastity and obedience. Cristoforos have a Creed of Chastity, which demands that its adherents:

  • never lay hands on an unwilling woman
  • never look with lewd thought on any child or pledged virgin
  • never spend themselves on such women as are common to all

In earlier portrayals, the sect does not seem to have any restrictions against homosexuality. In later books, cristoforos are shown to disapprove.

Devout adherents carry prayer beads similar to rosaries.

The sect preserves ancient records in its library.