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Comyn Castle is located in Thendara City.  It is the seat of power for the Regent and where the families of the Domains gather for Council season.

Comyn Castle is a huge building of white stone that stands out in the center of the city.  It was built by many architects over the centuries into the builing we see today.  Because of this it is a maze of rooms and corridors, it is also full of secret passages.

Some of the more important rooms are the Crystal Chamber, where the seven Domains and Keepers council meet.  The Regent is always in residence and maintains an office.  The seven Domains each have a suite of rooms they stay in when at Comyn Castle.  Their is also a formal dining room and a ball room.

There appear to be two common entrances used, one is the main entrance where carriages can pull up or people can walk up to with a set of stairs, the second entrance is through the stables.

Castle Architecture[]

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Comyn Tower[]

Comyn Castle has a Tower attached which in ancient times was fully manned.  During most of the recent Terran occupation Comyn Tower was inactive.  Near the beginning of Domenic Alton-Hastur's rule as Regent the Keepers Council reopened the Tower with Lady Linnea Storn-Hastur as Keeper and Illona Rider as Under Keeper.