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Zandru’s Forge: ·Varzil Ridenow (Ridenow): also known as Varzil the Good; powerful Laranzu; best friend of Carolin Hastur; helped institute Compact; appears in The Shadow Matrix, passes on powerful matrix-ring to Mikhail Lanart-Hastur & marries Mikhail to Marguerida Alton; lover of Felicia; appears in A Flame At Hali ·Rakhal Hastur (Hastur): Usurper of Hastur throne after death of Felix Hastur ·Eduin MacEarn (Desclucido): Son of Rumail; seeks revenge on Hastur family; killer of Felicia; killed during assault by Hali Tower ·Felicia Leynier (Hastur): Sole surviving child of Coryn Leynier & Taniquel Hastur-Acosta; Laranzu; killed by Eduin ·King Felix (Hastur): Enmasca ruler; took throne after death of King Allart Hastur (Elhalyn)[]

Rediscovery: ·Elizabeth Mackintosh: Terran; mother of Magda Lorne; wife of David Lorne; friend of Ysaye ·Ysaye Barnett: Computer engineer; lover of Lorill Hastur (Hastur); friend of Leonie Hastur (Hastur) ·David Lorne: father of Magda; husband of Elizabeth ·Lorill Hastur (Hastur): twin of Leonie; laran-equipped; lover of Ysaye; Heir of Hastur; father of Camilla n’ha Kyria & Danvan Hastur; Appears in The Shattered Chain, The Forbidden Tower, and Thendara House ·Leonie Hastur (Hastur): Keeper-in-training at Arilinn; substantial laran; killer of Evans; twin of Lorill ·Evans: Terran botanist; attempted exploiter of Darkover; attempted rapist of Elizabeth; killed by Leonie through Ysaye ·Kermiac Aldaran: Patriarch of Aldarans; discoverer of Terrans; Father of Thyra Darriel; appears in The Heritage of Hastur[]

“Everything but Freedom” (short story) ·Lady Rohana Ardais (Aillard): Laran equipped; best friend of Kindra; wife of Gabriel Ardais (Ardais); mother to Kyril, Elorie, Rian; adopted mother of Jaelle and Valentine ·Jaelle n’ha Melora (Aillard): Daughter of Melora Aillard & Jalak of Shainsa; Free Amazon ·Kindra n’ha Mhari: Oathmother to Jaelle; former Dry Town wife-turned Free Amazon; best friend of Rohana ·Gabriel Ardais (Ardais): Husband to Rohana; father of Kyril, Rian, Elorie; adopted father of Jaelle and Valentine[]

Thendara House: (along with characters from The Shattered Chain) ·Rafaela n’ha Doria: friend of Jaelle & Camilla; foster-mother of Doria[]

Sharra’s Exile:
===Jefferson Andrew Kerwin Jr Born Damon Alliard Alton. Son of Cleindori, nephew and friend of Kennard, Protagonist of "The Bloody Sun"===
===Callina Lindir Alliard Lady Alliard, former keeper of the Comyn Castle Tower she is no attendant of Ashara===
===Linnell Alliard Callina's sister and Lew's forster sister. Betrothed to prince Derik===
Kathie Marshall: Young nurse who takes care of Dio on Vainwal. Linnell's Cherilly twin (completely identical double).

Exile’s Song:[]

The Shadow Matrix: (along with characters from The Heritage of Hastur) · Mikhail Lanart Hastur (Hastur): · Marguerida Alton (Alton): ·[]