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Camilla Del Rey

was lieutenant and First Officer of the starship which made the original crash landing on Cottman IV, later called Darkover, during the 21st century. Her birthplace was not mentioned, but she was brought up on Alpha Colony, and her native language was Terran Spanish.

She was trained as an astrogator/navigator, joining Space-force at 15, deputizing for Captain Harry Lei­cester.

She became involved with Rafael MacAran during the first Ghost Wind and found herself pregnant with his child. She wanted to terminate the pregnancy but was not allowed to do so. Colony regulations forbade abortions, except in rare cases because of the difficulty of sustaining a stable population during the early years of a colony.

During one Ghost Wind, Rafe and Capt. Leicester fought over her; she later re­signed herself to living with Rafe because of his need of her, though she deeply loved Leicester. She worked in a weather station near New Skye, bearing many children, by various fathers, seven of whom survived.