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Caer Donn in the Hellers, at foot of High Kimbi, nine days' ride north of Thendara. Chosen by the Terrans as their first spaceport. later on Stefan (Istvan) Hastur, Regent, offered (on favorable terms) a tract of flat land near Thendara as better adapted for their pur­poses. This induced the Terrans to move there; the decision was made at least partly because the terrain around Caer Donn and the inclement weather precluded expanding spaceport operations or building roads. Caer Donn re­tained a Terran settlement with a small Trade City. Contraband weapons were openly worn there during the few months before the Sharra Rebellion, as the Aldarans did not enforce the Compact.

Before the Sharra Rebellion, the Caer Donn area was a synthesis of Terran technology and Darkovan styles, with good roads, wide streets, houses with fruit trees and greenhouses, roofs with prismatic solar energy collectors, and a waterfall servicing a hydro­electric plant. The Terran spaceport was still operational and adjoined an airstrip used by both Terrans and the Aldarans.

Despite removal of Terran main operations to Thendara, Caer Donn enlarged over generations from a small town into a considerable city. It was burned to the ground in the Sharra Rebellion, but rebuilt by The Terrans in ensuing months.

Magda Lome was born there, as was Peter Haldane.