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Arilinn Tower is a Darkover filksong (a parody of the Eddystone Light) by Bettina Helms.

I was, in fact, a member of "Arilinn Council" (New England-area Darkover fangroup) at the time, and dashed off the song prior to a trip to an early Darkovercon, hoping to knock MZB off her chair with it. In this I was completely successful. MZB was sufficiently impressed to work a further-developed version of it into her Darkover novels - twice - but each time with the parental genders reverted to the traditional pattern, which annoyed me a bit. I had deliberately switched the genders to add to the irony of the final verses. -- Bettina Helms

Sung by Jane Robinson, it is on Consenting Adults of Darkover (1993).[1]


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