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One of the Domains of Darkover ruled by one of the seven Comyn families.

Aldaran is the northernmost of the Domains. It is located high in the Hellers and is subject to severe winter weather. Roads are impassable during the colder months. The location and weather have been a great factor in Aldaran's isolation from the rest of the Domains.

The Terrans met the Aldarans before becoming aware of the other Domains and set up their first spaceport at the Aldaran city of Caer Donn. Only impossible technical difficulties in expanding the space port - lack of space and hostile environment due to inclement weather and altitude - induced the Terrans to seek lowland sites.

The crest of the Aldaran is the double headed eagle in red and black. This symbol may refer obscurely to the Aldaran Gift: the eagle watching both present and future. The eagle as a mountain bird, fiercely independent, is obvious symbolism.

The family motto is unknown.

The Aldaran Gift is precognition.

Castle Aldaran is just to the north of Caer Donn, Storn, Darriel, Delleray, Scathfell and Rockraven are known to be vassals to Aldaran. In the past, Scathfell was held by younger sons of the family.

There are many reason cited for the Aldarans being exiled from the rest of the Domains. No doubt, part of the reason for the estrangement was sheer distance as well as the unpredictable weather that would close mountains passes. During the Ages of Chaos, a Tower serving the Aldaran Domain was responsible for the Cataclysm at Hali. Another reason was that the Aldaran Domain never agreed to Varzil the Good's Compact, outlawing laran weapons and allowed their Guards and others to use Terran weapons against bandits.

After re-contact, the Aldarans were accused of "selling Darkover to the Terrans" by cooperating with the Terrans and permitting the them to build a spaceport at Caer Donn.

Another contributory factor to the estrangement between the other six Domains was that the Aldarans had raised Sharra, whose worship had been outlawed centu­ries before.

Some (though not all) of the Aldarans and their re­tainers and vassals were cristoforos, presumably because many were educated at Nevarsin and came to accept their teachers' beliefs, especially following the split with the other six Domains which continued to adhere to the religion of the Lord of Light (Aldones). After re-contact with the Terrans, many of the Aldaran accepted their Terran origins, unlike the folk of the lowland Domains.

Notable members of the Aldaran family include: Mikhail Aldaran, Dorilys Aldaran (aka Dorilys of Rockraven), Kermiac Aldaran, Beltran Aldaran, Elaine Montray-Aldaran, Thyra DarriellMarjorie Scott andRafe Scott.