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Alanna Alar is the daughter of Piedro and Ariel Alar, and the granddaughter of  Javanne and Grabriel Alton.

Alanna was fostered with Marguerida and Mikhail Hastur due to her childish outburst and having an unstable mother.  Unlike most children it appears Alanna's laran manifested at a very young age, unfortunately her laran of pyrokinesis and telekinesis did not mix with her temper and made for a very volitile environment.  Alanna felt everyone hated her and was estranged from all except her cousin Domenic.  She and Domenic became very close and became secretly engaged.

She was sent to Arilinn Tower by Marguerida to help control her laran, when she returned she seemed to be more in control with only occasional fits but still remained headstrong and wild.  It was believed the Keeper at Arilinn Tower used some of the old techniques of Keeper training to surpress Alanna's laran.  Alanna started to have terrible dreams and visions, her laran was becoming too strong and sometimes overwhelmed her.

After befriending Lew Alton and learning from him to take control of her situation and stop playing the matyr she assisted during the Trailman outbreak with caring for the sick.  She started to become less fearful of her visions and realized they were not all bad.  In the end she decided to turn down Domenic's proposal of marriage and go to a tower for training, Nevarsin Tower.